Step 1

initial meeting

After you have submitted your design enquiry, we will be in touch to discuss your design options, website vision and to see if we can meet your website needs. This will also be a great opportunity for you to ask questions and get to know us. After the call we will send over a transparent contract for the desired work accompanied by a deposit invoice which will allow us to get started on your website.

Step 2

client website information

Once we have a start date for the project we will send over a Website Information Document. This will give us information on your business, brand, website content, target customers and existing website information. The more we know about you and your business, the easier it will be to create a website that best reflects you.

Step 3

WEBSITE SET UP & template selection

After receiving and analysing your Website Information Document, we will send you a selection of templates that we think will best suit your website. Ultimately the website’s look is your decision. We will guide you on what we think will work, however we want you to have a website design that you are as passionate about as we are. Once you have selected a template, we will get started on the design. This process might take a few days.

Step 4

Feedback and editing

Once we have created the first draft, we will send you an invitation to view the work on Squarespace. To do this you will need a Squarespace account. From your account you will then be able to feedback on how the website is looking and this will be your opportunity to mention any edits that you would like. The feedback/edit process will continue until you are happy.

Step 5

DOMAIN CONNECTION & website launch

When the website has been edited to your specifications and you are happy, the next step is to connect the website to your domain. As well as this, we will take you through how to set up your payment plan with Squarespace. Once this is complete, your website will go live for the world to see!

Step 6

it’s yours

Congratulations! You now have complete control of your website. As part of your relationship with us, we offer a two month window where we will be contributors on your website to help with any changes, edit or questions that may arise while you are getting to know your site. We will also provide documentation and tutorial videos to ensure you have all the information that you need to fully manage your website.