Built on a passion for building beautiful websites and giving the control back to you, all for an affordable price.

Let’s start with the name; Phoenix. The fire bird who is born from the ashes of its predecessor. This is what we want to reflect with our website development. Have you ever been in a situation where you have paid hundreds or, dare it be said, thousands of pounds for a website that wasn’t up to scratch? Or maybe you were asked to pay a rolling annual fee for ‘maintenance’ yet when you asked them to add a tab or change the layout, you were landed with a large bill for their trouble?

This has happened to both of us. When we shared our experiences with friends, we were astonished to find the number of people who were in the same boat. A particular case that stood out was a company paying £20,000 (yes, that is correct) for a website that they were not happy with and ended up having to scrap it completely.

This is where we are different. We work alongside you to ensure you get the website you want and have no hidden costs or tie you into a contract. At the end of the process we hand over the keys to the website and you have full control. We are firm believers that high quality doesn’t have to cost the world.

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Tim and Matt